Monday, June 25, 2007


What is true beauty?

I feel so very philosophical... :)

Beauty is a striking flower, filled with joy at her oppurtunity to stun the world

Beauty is a lion, majestic and Intense

Beauty is the Father's smile

Beauty fills the heart with a peace and knowledge that all is well.

Beauty does not ask for anything in return... it simply offers itself for the pleasure of others

Beauty is the chance to see something that may change you forever.

Beauty is an everlasting, sweet, sweet love.

Beauty is a pure and delicate hand over a colorless canvas

Beauty is a friendship, untouched by the scandal of the world

Beauty is a word on a page that takes your breath away

Beauty is a photograph, black and white, and in no way bleak or dreadful

Beauty is a popsicle stick on a sunny afternoon

Beauty is a much-needed rest

Beauty, for the eyes and soul alike... does wonders

Beauty offers an escape.

Beauty invites others to be vulnerable

Beauty is through and through

Beauty shows off God's handiwork... He is an artist.

For this post, I didn't allow myself to edit... I simply wrote down whatever came to my heart... whether it made sense or not! I guess you can call this an insight into my head and thoughts.


Blessings to all who read.

- Jess <><

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Take the plunge
Follow the One pursuing me.
Search after God's heart.
War for my heart and others'.
Discover. Explore.