Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Price of Kindness

Today, I was driving from Pasco towards Kennewick. I was still deciding whether or not to go home for food, when God prompted me to get off at Court Street. I received a Holy Spirit inkling to get food at the red roofed building to my right. It happened to be a Carl's Junior. I was wondering how I would pay for my food, so I got out my wallet thinking God might have divinely provided some money. :) I thought maybe I would have enough change to buy something small. I rifled through my change and my only silver pieces were four dimes and one nickel. I left open the possibility that someone might pay for me, or I would just use my debit card.

I walked in the Exxon/Carl's Junior and had an friendly interaction with an older man. He was probably in his mid-50s and looked a bit walled off. I told him to please go before me because I wasn't sure what I was going to order yet. So he did, and as he was paying, he needed a nickel. He started searching for a nickel, and I piped up, "I've got a nickel." He gave the cashier a quarter he had just found, but turned and looked at me and said something like, "That's the nicest thing somebody has done for me in a long time," and the cashier said, "Yes, that was sweet."

I offered a nickel.

When I went out to my car with my food, the man was just leaving and asked if I lived in Pasco. I looked a bit puzzled and he reassured me he was not trying to pick me up... :) I told him no, I didn't. He continued... "Oh, I was going to say, if you lived in Pasco, I would give you a chance." I didn't understand, so I told him that. He further explained, "I'm an electricity guy, I'd give you a chance to pay before I shut your power off."


I am still in awe that such a simple act of kindness would illicit such a response. It's amazing!

God's kingdom works that way.

Jesus healed people, inside and out, and they pledged their lives to His cause.

William Wallace freed people, inside and out, and they willingly followed him - even unto death.

Just a word, just a hug, just a nickel.

And people's lives can be changed.

I love the God we serve.

In Him,
- Jess <><

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


"Your mercy reigns
Your mercy comes
Your mercy falls

It rises with the sun."

- Shane and Shane

Such a redemption song. My heart just cries, laughs - comes alive - when this song plays.

It's talking about a girl who can't believe the King would want to see her form or hear her voice.

"Your voice is sweet,
Your form is lovely!"

My heart just breaks for the women of this earth who don't see their value - their priceless worth. Woman is so beautiful.

This revelation makes me want to battle for and with women. Stand side by side, and approach the throne with boldness.

The enemy has taken so much... drawn a curtain of grey and dreary over the lives of so many women.

I just want to cry out the truth that denounces the lies:

You are BEAUTIFUL! Your Father is good and He loves you with a fiery passionate love. Nothing can separate you from the love of your Father.

You are made in His image. You reflect His goodness, mercy, mystery, freedom, beauty.

Father, increase my heart for women. I just want to serve you, Dad. You know my heart and the hearts of each woman I encounter everyday.

Daddy, give me wisdom, your words, and peace.

I love you,

- Jess <><
Forever Yours