Thursday, December 25, 2008

Metamorphosis - Part I

Expectantly, with a buzzing anticipation in her bones, she touched her face to the glass. Waiting, watching. It was as if her life was being transformed from the inside out and she, by golly, had a front row seat. She watched as her rotating, true body hung lifeless. Suspended in the middle of a darkened room. Simple and circular. “Where is the life?” She wondered.

All at once, the head on top, in the center of the room, twitched a little. As if in shock, Jessica touched her own head to feel it vibrating softly. Inside the room, crystal, light-filled, green eyes snapped open and looked about. Jessica felt her whole body begin to collapse as this other part of her came gently alive. The Spirit-woman – beautiful, righteous, and true.

“Come out, come out!” The voices of many little children rang in Jessica’s ears. She closed her eyes and faded from this world to the next.

All fear was definitely gone and Autumn was acutely aware of the body she left behind.

“Don’t worry about the former things. The old has passed. The new has come.”

A lion’s voice.

“Come forward into the place I have called you. My beloved, believe and see.”