Thursday, July 26, 2007

Worship from the Heart

Worship is an expression of unadulterated passion. It is a purposed recognition of His splendor and majesty.

It is desire - expressed through sound and movement.

Worship is a heart attitude - one that is humble, desperate, grateful.

It is a way we love on our King.

We glorify his name, acknowledge His sovereignty, and rest in His presence.

Release of sound. Cooperation with heaven.

Changed atmosphere inside and out.

Worship is what links us with God.

It is tears and laughter - a bubbling overflow of a spirit fully alive.

It is a laying down of burdens... a casting of cares.

It is sacrifice.

It is the essence of joy and love and peace - entwined together in an unstoppable combination...


Worship is an expression of the heart.

- Jess <><

Thursday, July 19, 2007


"Just let my heart be alive -Let me be living deep, deep on the inside."

These are the words to a Misty Edwards song that perfectly encompasses this breakthrough I've been feeling needs to happen in my heart. I feel like I've been taking and selfish, but I want to give of my whole heart - selflessly. For me to be in a place where I can give, I need to be able to offer something.

I feel like I have nothing...

That's where Jesus comes in. :)

His love has set me free...

Now, what will I do with that freedom!

I will offer vulnerability, truth, and love – through Christ who strengthens me.


I just picked up The Sacred Romance this morning.

The very first quote reads,

“Thirsty hearts are those whose longings have been wakened by the touch of god within them.” – A.W. Tozer

I feel this desperate longing to break out of my mundane dragging. These past few days have been characterized by shades of gray, but my deepest desire is to live with PASSION. Fire in my bones - for His Spirit kindles my heart.

When you enter into the presence of God, fears are displaced, humility enters your heart and you begin to walk - TRULY FREE.

I long to be operating in His grand adventure that is both inside and outside. That intrinsic knowing that I was created for this moment – this very breath. The constant journey of finding more of who He is and who I am created to be. The outer adventure of advancing His kingdom, following his heart, pursuing mystery.


Delve. Deep. Discover.

When I was with Hannah the other day, we drove through Starbucks for Venti Passion fruit Lemonades with Strawberries. (Hilarious.)

Now, everybody knows, when you roll up, the “Starbucks voice” offers you something special that you politely decline and then continue with your order. Well - we rolled up to the speaker and, Hannah’s windows being manual, we missed the voice’s greeting. Hannah looked at me, smiled, and then said loudly, “No thanks.” We both about died from laughter.

So here we are laughing our butts off while this gal is waiting for us to order. We squeezed out what we wanted, then pulled up to the window. Hannah was really friendly with this girl, asked her how her day was going, and then engaged her and another guy working there by saying, “You wanna hear what was so funny?” She proceeded to tell them our funny window story and they laughed too!

Hannah opened herself and allowed other people into our amusement. She explained that she has been really inspired by her brother and the way he engages people… even people he doesn’t know. Both parties are so enriched by an experience like that! So many times, I’m stuck in “Me” mode, and I don’t take the time or energy to be vulnerable with people. Often, it’s much easier to mask your true heart than to open up and be real. Engage the waitress at Dennys, ask the people at the bank what’s new in their life, or just go up to random people, meet them, and bless them!

As “boat races” and “fair” season approaches, I’m remembering the openness with which I operated in. It’s so humble, and so inviting. Let’s do it like Jesus did and welcome people in. Just love on them.

Man, I’ve got so much to write about regarding this subject. I think I’ll do a part two soon. Look for my next post.

Sneak Peek: Authentic worship and where our hearts come into play. Prophetic words and ministry... hmm. We’ll see what God does.



- Jess <><

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Goose Tracks

So, Hannah and Jourdan and I were down on the Columbia Park Trail yesterday, and came up with a brilliant movie idea.

We should film the geese.

I know, I know. Geese, right? They're smelly, honking, feathered balls of irritation. They flock together, have pea-sized brains, and nip at your kid's butt when Jimmy tries to feed em stale bread.

Yess... but watching their daily activities is hysterical!

So here we are - Peach, Plum, and Pear - just getting a kick out of these geese, when Hannah starts speaking for one of them. We took on voices for the geese, Andrew-style, and had a blast.

There were about 30 or 40 geese just meandering, attempting to cross the road, or freaking out at cars. It was entertainment to the max.

When I got home, characters for a goose-type motion picture - mmhmm, "Goose Tracks" - began to form in my head.


I e-mailed my dear friend Hannah with some sketches of the personalities. Keep an open mind. Take the red pill sucka.

Here they are now:

Harold - He's an oldey. Easily frightened, he is often the prey of prankster seagulls who love a good laugh. His specs are chronically misplaced.

Phillip - Germaphobic. Loves plaid. May be gay.

Vilma - Pleasantly plump, she enjoys a good meal. Her hearty laugh interrupted by honks is her most darling feature. She and Harold were sweethearts back in the day.

Clarence the Wise - No one really knows how old this goose is. Rumor has it, he was the very first to pioneer an "Asphalt Crossing"... Sit down and listen to the guy, he's a frickin' enigma.

Birch - Named after the tree his late father flew into. He has self-esteem issues. Tried poisonous berries one time and walked around singin' Born to be Wild for days. That kid can air-guitar like no other.

Mark - Uncontrollable bowels... Mark just can't hold it in. Poop, poop, pooperz poop poop. He's a pooper. He had a girlfriend once. Think she got hit by a boat.

And so, my quest begins for amusing character descriptions to not only make me laugh, but to stow away for a future documentary opportunity... :)

Post yours.

ha ha...

- Jess <><