Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I love you guys... sorry I haven't been blogging much!

I am on my way out of the Tri-Cities for a while. I'll be going to California with my mom and sister on Monday morning this next week! Cal Poly here I come!

I'll be taking a two math classes and a physics class and an "Orientation to the Math Major" class.

That's right folks, I'm switching to a Math major!


No longer will I be pursuing architecture as the career of my dreams, but will now be taking tons of math classes to hopefully become a math teacher. I've always loved math and loved teaching and.. teaching math. :)

This change is totally God and I feel incredible peace about the decision.

SO, linear algebra, new friends, and living on my own... all new experiences. Happening within the next couple of weeks! Wow!

Thanks to all for your support and love. You mean the world to me. God bless each and every one.

- Jess <><