Friday, August 28, 2009

Shout-Out to my Sibs

Tonight is my last night in familiar land for a while. FamiliaL, familiaR, tomato, tomato. The sibs and mom and I are taking the trip to San Luis Obispo tomorrow morn to invade the city!

Just kidding, they’re taking me back to school. In the Suburban. Which gets nervous going over 65. Good thing we in the car like each other. 10 HOURS. mm.

But I have absolutely treasured this trip home. I am so lucky to have the brothers and sister that I do!!

Jourdan, Zachary, Noah:

I have loved every moment.

FOR example:

Blasting NKOTB in Camo
Lil’ Marky’s third nipple
Candy at BAS-Has
*I’m immersed in an underground Alabama Lab-R-inth*
The Sketch Record Store (oof)
Cabelas Fudge.
Still Frauesssh

Now, that’s just to name a few... =)

I JUST love you guys and am SO glad you’re in my life and I’m in yours. It’s an honor.

And thank you Daddy for these wonderful people. Ur tight.

- Jess

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dreams of a Melody

I've been doing hours upon hours of research on musical recording equipment! This is my wish-list that I've come up with:

Blue Bluebird Microphone package (mic, pop filter, shock mount, cable)

TC Electronics Konnekt 8 Interface (Connects microphone/keyboard to computer)

Logic Express 8 by Apple (Recording Software: a step up from Garageband on the Mac)

One step at a time, I hope to build my recording "studio" =) Right now, I'm just singing into my computer, recording into Garageband -which is SO much fun - but I'd like to invest in some components that will help create a better sounding, better quality song! A piece of art.

It's gonna be fun. =)

Shout out to all the musicians out there! Tell me what your favorite pieces of recording equipment are! I'd love to hear.

Peace, joy, and happiness
- Jessica